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Ortho screenings are done regularly to ensure that your children’s teeth come out properly and we use braces and other methods to guide their teeth and jaw’s growth.

Ortho Screenings

Orthodontics can resolve a number of teeth and jaw-related issues. Our dentists can help identify any issues with your or your children’s teeth, such as overcrowded teeth, malocclusion, misalignment of teeth, and any other issues that may pose a problem down the line. Permanent teeth start coming in around the age of 6. At that time, it’s crucial to go for regular ortho screenings so the dentist can monitor the progress of the teeth and help correct any issues.

Ortho screenings are also important because they help the dentist identify if you need braces. Most orthodontic wearers are children and teenagers because that’s the age when your teeth are just coming in and most malleable. If you don’t treat your children’s orthodontic issues at a young age, they may suffer from issues like bruxism, TMJ, or simple misaligned teeth. Orthodontic procedures get a lot more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming in adulthood — that’s why you must go for regular ortho screenings.

However, ortho screening isn’t all about adjusting the teeth — it can also relate to jaw adjustments. If you have a narrow jaw or a large overbite, you may suffer from issues like overcrowding of teeth and malocclusion. In that case, if you go for regular ortho screenings, the dentist can guide the child’s jaw growth to ensure it doesn’t cause any problems down the line. If you don’t treat jaw-related issues in childhood or teenage years, your children may have to opt for surgical procedures later in life.

Nottingham Dental offers regular ortho screenings and we take care of your children’s dental health and ensure that they won’t have to deal with any complexities in the future. We also believe in a minimally invasive and non-surgical approach to orthodontics, which is why we deal with issues head-on before they get worse. Please continue reading for a detailed overview of ortho screenings and orthodontic procedures.

Why do you Need Ortho Screenings?

Children and teenagers benefit greatly from ortho screenings — not only does it solve potentially-serious issues related to the teeth and jaws, but it also ensures that they don’t have to go through complex orthodontic procedures in adulthood. It’s better to go for orthodontic treatments when the permanent teeth are just coming in and malleable rather than doing so in adulthood when they’ve already set in place.

Orthodontics can solve all issues related to the bite, but it’s incredibly important that the patient should be compliant and cooperative. If the patient has been asked to wear certain orthodontic devices like elastic bands or braces, they must do so regularly, maintain all follow-up appointments, and practice home care as well. During the orthodontic treatment procedure, the patient would have to frequently visit the dental hygienist for preventative care as well to prevent cavities or dental decay from occurring around the orthodontic devices.

How will Orthodontics Help my Children?

Orthodontics can help your children in the following ways:

  • By correcting their bite, it can help them bite, chew, and talk better. If they have a lisp or other speech impediments, orthodontics may also help with that.
  • Your child will look a lot better because of perfectly aligned and even teeth.
  • An attractive smile can also improve your child’s sense of self and confidence. It will allow them to smile more openly in social company instead of trying to hide their smile, which will make them happier in general.
  • Straight and aligned teeth are far less likely to suffer from gum disease and dental decay. This is because it’s a lot easier to clean straight teeth rather than crooked teeth because food particles can get stuck between your teeth.

Are Orthodontics Considered to be Cosmetic Treatments?

People often assume that orthodontics is all about cosmetic appearance, but that’s incorrect. Sure, orthodontics enhance your overall smile and straighten your teeth, but that’s really just a beneficial side-effect. The real purpose of orthodontics is to treat issues like misalignment and malocclusion that can have real medical complications down the line. If your children don’t have aligned and straight teeth, they’re far more likely to suffer from speech impediments, bruxism, teeth grinding, TMJ, and other issues that can further damage their dental and overall health.

What’s the Root Cause of Orthodontic Problems?

Orthodontic problems are often hereditary and some may be “acquired” because of one’s habits in childhood. Habits such as mouth breathing, sucking on one’s thumb, and abnormal swallowing can lead to orthodontic problems. Your child may also suffer from that because of dental diseases, poor dental hygiene, the early loss of baby teeth, etc. Your child may also suffer from orthodontic problems because of a combination of both those factors. Whatever the root cause of orthodontic issues, they can all be treated if you go for regular ortho screenings and seek treatment immediately.

What’s the Ideal Age for Orthodontics?

There is no specific ideal age for orthodontic treatments. You should generally go for regular ortho screenings as soon as your child’s permanent teeth start coming in at the age of 6. Whenever an issue comes up, the dentist will inform you and you should act accordingly. Timing is often determined by the type of orthodontic problem your child suffers from and the state of their dental development.

Schedule an Appointment for Ortho Screenings

Nottingham Dental provides regular ortho screenings for children and adults. We can monitor your child’s progress as their permanent teeth come in and advise them on how to maintain straight teeth. If there are any issues, we always treat them with the least invasive treatment possible with the final aim to ensure long-term dental health. For more information, please schedule ortho screenings for your children today.