Even though you properly take care of your teeth regularly, you never know when a problem can hit you because accidents can occur at any time. Moreover, an emergency will not wait whether it’s day time or night time. In this case, you have to be proactive. And if you have a dental emergency, you must get immediate care.

When you visit your dentist regularly you have already researched where you can get the best dental care and services. Do you know whether your dentist provides emergency treatment or not? Food for thought right! Because not all dental clinics offer emergency services. Sometimes you don’t even know who the emergency dentist near me is. Hence you can say that there are benefits of knowing a dentist before you encounter a dental emergency. There are reasons why it is important to know an emergency dentist.

Why it is important to know an emergency dentist

As mentioned earlier, if you live in Katy TX, and you know an emergency dentist Katy TX, it saves your time because, during a crisis, you don’t have to worry about looking for the professional that can serve you in an emergency. Moreover, you would not want to go to a dentist who doesn’t have the skills to respond to an emergency. Thus, it would be better if you know an emergency dentist before being stuck in an emergency.

Many accidents can cause severe damage to your teeth. If unfortunately, your tooth is knocked out or cracked, it would make a great difference if you get immediate proper treatment in time. Depending upon the immediate care, you can either save or lose your tooth. Therefore, you should know a dentist who can listen to the emergency call of your teeth and provide immediate care.

Similarly, if somehow your tooth is broken, there is always a risk of infection to progress to your neck, jaw, or your brain. Moreover, if left untreated, these tooth infections can result in other health issues such as cancer, hepatitis, and heart diseases. In this case, an emergency dentist will provide you antibiotics immediately to reduce other side effects.

Now you may have got the idea that it is important to know a dentist who is professional, skilled, and can listen to your problems and offer emergency services.

What do I do in the event of a dental emergency?

As we are talking about emergency dental care, you should also know what a dental emergency is. So, you can decide whether you need immediate treatment or you can wait for normal office hours of a dentist. You should consider the following situations as a dental emergency:

Fractured teeth

If you have fractured your tooth or if your tooth is cracked, get immediate treatment from your dentist because, if the fracture is progressed below the gum-line, you will need an urgent tooth extraction. However, you can wait if you have a minor fracture on teeth.

Knocked out tooth

You must immediately visit an emergency dentist if your tooth is knocked out. It is an emergency and reaching an emergency dentist on time will decide whether you will discard your tooth or it can be reattached. What you have to do is hold the tooth by a crown and after rinsing it gently, put it with milk in an airtight container.

Soft tissue injuries

If you experience bleeding in soft tissues, tongue, gums, or lips, you should consult an emergency dentist. To stop bleeding, rinse the area and use antiseptic gauze.

Extruded teeth

Just like other emergencies, if you have extruded teeth, you should immediately consult your emergency dentist.

These are the situations that you should consider as an emergency and contact an emergency dentist for immediate Dental Care. You should know about the walk-in dentist Katy, Tx. You can also ask for a number to contact if you ever experience a dental emergency. So that your emergency dentist can tell you how you can handle the situation before you reach the office.


What do I do if I am feeling severe tooth pain?

If you live in Katy TX, and it has been several days since you are experiencing severe teeth pain, you should visit an emergency dentist Nottingham Dental clinic, especially if your teeth appeared discolored.


How to find an emergency dentist?

To find out who is the emergency dentist near me, the American Dental Association has made it easy for you to find an emergency dentist. For emergency patients, most dentists have a specific time in this schedule. Therefore, by calling your dentist you can find if they are available for an emergency checkup or not. However, if you are far away from an emergency dentist, there is a tool, ADA online tool, that helps you find certified emergency dentists nearby.

If you have encountered a dental emergency outside the work hours of your dentist, you should still try to call the dentist. They may have instructions for dental emergencies in a Voicemail message or they can tell you about another emergency dentist nearby.

However, if no above option works, you can go to the emergency room of your local Hospital. Though it may not be an ideal option because many hospitals are not well equipped to deal with dental emergencies, you may get treatment for severe pain or infection. After that, you can get proper treatment from your dentist as soon as possible.

What Type Of Emergency Dental Procedures Do You Offer?

After examining and evaluating the exact nature of your emergency, your dentist will determine the appropriate treatment for you. However, some of the common treatments offered at Nottingham Dental clinic are:

If you have knocked out teeth, the first attempt of your dentist will be to put it back. For cracked teeth, crowns or feelings are used. However, your tooth may need extraction if it is severely damaged. In the case of tooth abscess, your dentist will try to drain the pus by making a small cut, or in severe cases, the affected tooth will be extracted.


What Is The Cost Of An Emergency Dentist Visit?

The overall cost of an emergency dentist visit may vary greatly depending on various factors, such as the severity of patients condition, number of affected teeth, dental insurance level and geographic location.

Whilst the final cost for an emergency root canal will be determined by the clinic type and geographic location, the average cost would be $750 for the root canal of the front tooth, $900 for premoral and $1100 for a moral.

The typical cost for a gum erupted non-surgical tooth removal is between $75 – $300, and a removal requiring anesthesia will cost between $200-$600.

The normal cost for an amalgam filling is about $100-$200, while a composite filling may cost nearly $130-$250.



Whenever you encounter a dental emergency, make sure you find the best Katy emergency dentist. If you experience a dental emergency, visit the Nottingham Dental clinic for immediate Dental Care. For more details visit the website https://www.nottinghamdent.com and book an appointment by calling (281)578-0211.



In general dentistry, there are situations when you need immediate Dental Care. Not all dentists offer emergency dental services. Therefore, you should know who the emergency dentist nearby is and from whom you can get immediate dental services if you find yourself in an emergency. 

If you know about an emergency dentist beforehand, it will save your time in doing research finding professional and skilled dentists as well as you will be able to get immediate proper treatment in time. Not all the situations are considered dental emergencies; some that are considered include soft tissue injuries, fractured teeth, severe toothache, knocked out teeth, or extruded teeth. These are the conditions in which you should not wait for normal office hours of a dentist and get immediate treatment.

Treatment for a dental emergency depends on the nature of your injury; however, certain treatments are common in a specific emergency such as for a knocked-out tooth, your dentist will try to put it back.

If you live in Katy TX, one of the best dental clinics that offer you emergency treatment is the Nottingham Dental clinic. For more details, you can visit the website https://www.nottinghamdent.com and book an appointment by calling (281)578-0211.

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