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Clear Correct invisible aligners help move your teeth in the correct position using gradual pressure without any metal wires or springs. Please continue reading for a detailed discussion of Clear Correct at Nottingham Dental.

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ClearCorrect refers to a set of invisible aligners made of medical-grade plastic that straighten your teeth over a period of time. These clear braces are similar to Invisalign in that they’re completely invisible, transparent, and you can remove them at will while eating. As such, they’re one of the best orthodontic procedures for adults because you don’t have to worry about hideous metallic wires sticking out of your teeth when you smile.

ClearCorrect is one of the best alternative for traditional adult braces because there are no metallic parts, rubber bands, or springs involved. You simply have to wear the custom-design plastic clear braces on your teeth — they apply pressure on your teeth and move them in the desired direction. You have to replace the ClearCorrect braces every two weeks so each progressive set brings you closer to the perfect position for your teeth.

At Nottingham Dental, our world-renowned orthodontists Dr. Chen and Dr. Yan take exact impressions of your teeth so they can create the perfect set of ClearCorrect clear braces for you. Please continue reading for a detailed discussion of ClearCorrect invisible aligners.

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ClearCorrect Procedure

ClearCorrect is the perfect alternative to traditional adult braces and it’s one of the fastest and most effective orthodontic procedures available. During your initial consultation with the orthodontist, they’ll take photos, x-rays, impressions, and 3D scans of your teeth. This will allow them to send out a request for the perfect series of ClearCorrect braces for you to their laboratories.

The ClearCorrect invisible aligners are made of transparent thermoplastic material. Even though you can take them off at will, you have to wear them for at least 22 hours every day for maximum efficiency otherwise the treatment won’t work. These are invisible aligners and they don’t come with any metallic brackets or restrictions. The orthodontist will order a series of ClearCorrect braces for every 2 weeks of your treatment procedure. You’ll have to visit the dentist every 2 weeks so they can replace your existing braces with the next set. Each progressive ClearCorrect aligner will bring you closer to your goal.

If you wear the ClearCorrect braces diligently, you’ll notice a difference after every two weeks. The entire procedure should last for 6 months to 18 months. After that period, once your teeth are in the ideal position, the dentist will give you a set of retainers. You’ll have to wear the retainers for about 6 months to ensure that your teeth remain in their new location and don’t move back again.

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What are the Advantages of Teeth Alignment Treatment?

Most people seek ClearCorrect, Invisalign, and other teeth alignment procedures if they’re self-conscious about their smile. However, teeth alignment has numerous benefits that go well beyond simple aesthetic appeal.

There are way too many misalignment issues that necessitate the use of ClearCorrect or other alignment treatments. While it’s not possible to list out all the potential reasons for teeth alignment, the following is a brief overview of the main advantages of teeth alignment.

  • Malocclusion

    This is a condition in which your misaligned teeth affect your jaws and teeth and your upper and lower teeth don’t meet perfectly in the middle. In addition to the cosmetic issue, this also leads to speech impediments, eating problems, teeth grinding, migraines, and other issues. You can treat all of these connected issues by aligning your teeth.

  • Overbite

    The upper and lower arches of your teeth should meet perfectly in between, but your upper teeth sometimes hood over your lower teeth. This can lead to several dental issues and gum disease. ClearCorrect can fix an overbite by pushing your upper teeth in the correct position.

  • Overcrowding

    This is an issue that affects people with narrow jawlines. If your jaw doesn’t have enough space, your teeth may appear crooked and crowded. In this case, it’s not enough to simply align them but the dentist may also have to remove a few teeth.

  • Protruding Teeth

    This is a condition in which some of your teeth protrude outwards, which looks cosmetic unattractive. ClearCorrect makes sure that all your teeth are in a perfectly even line.

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ClearCorrect Q&A

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What are the Advantages of ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners?

ClearCorrect is made of transparent thermoplastic material with no rubber bands, metallic parts, or springs. As such, they’re invisible and don’t stick out. You can remove the ClearCorrect braces whenever you want. When you’re about to eat, you can simply take them off, finish eating, clean your teeth, and pop them back in. This means you don’t have to avoid certain types of food items nor worry about staining your braces. ClearCorrect may apply gradual pressure on your teeth but they’re completely comfortable because there are no metal parts affecting your teeth or gums. ClearCorrect braces work pretty fast and can align your teeth in a period of 6 to 18 months.

What are the differences between ClearCorrect vs. Traditional Adult Braces?

ClearCorrect is the best alternative to traditional adult braces. Traditional adult braces are highly visible and ugly while ClearCorrect is transparent and invisible. Traditional adult braces can only be removed by the dentist but ClearCorrect can be removed manually. With traditional metal braces, you have to be careful about what you eat. With ClearCorrect, you can eat anything you want without fear of staining. Traditional metal braces have to be worn continuously for 1 to 3 years. Meanwhile, ClearCorrect has to be worn for at least 22 hours a day for 6 to 18 months.

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ClearCorrect is the ideal clear braces for most people. However, in some cases, you may not be suitable for ClearCorrect. At Nottingham Dental, we carefully study your teeth and medical history to decide if you can get ClearCorrect. We also give you the option of trying a number of other orthodontic procedures that are just as effective and we can also help you brighten your teeth after straightening them. For more information, please schedule an appointment today.