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Composite fillings are tooth-colored composite resin material used to fill up cavities and fractures in your teeth. Nottingham Dental is one of the best clinic for composite fillings in Katy, TX.

Composite Fillings

Most people deal with cavities and small fractures in their teeth at some point or another. If you don’t go for regular dental deep cleaning appointments, you’re likely to get cavities eventually. When you get cavities, it’s important to fill them up so they don’t lead to larger issues. In addition to the medical necessity of filling cavities, it’s also cosmetically beneficial because it makes your teeth look whole and clear.

In the past, cavities and fractures were treated with silver fillings or metal amalgam fillings. However, these fillings stained your teeth or caused discoloration because of the metal’s wedging impact. However, thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, you can fill cavities with tooth-colored composite resin that easily blends into your teeth. In addition to looking natural, they’re also strong and they don’t discolor your teeth.

Nottingham Dental has some of the country’s finest cosmetic dentists who can apply tooth-colored composite fillings that restore them perfectly without any complications. Please continue reading for a detailed discussion of composite fillings.

What are Composite Cavity Fillings?

Composite cavity fillings are tooth-colored composite resin fillings used to seal the cracks and holes left by cavities or fractures. They’re a mix of liquid resin along with finely-ground glass particles and they’re molded using a special blue light. The light hardens the material as it settles into the space left by the cavity. Cavities are dangerous and they have to be filled because they can lead to a bacterial infection that may spread to your tooth’s root, which may lead to complications like gum disease. But cavities are also highly visible when you smile and they ruin the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Composite resin fillings seal the cavities and they are indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth, so they’re also cosmetically desirable.

Composite fillings are also durable and strong, which is why they can endure external pressure and are resistant to cracks and fractures. If you want to fix your teeth and still have them look completely natural, then composite fillings are ideal for you.

What is the Composite Fillings Procedure?

The following is a brief overview of the composite fillings procedure:

  • The dentist numbs the area around the affected tooth to prevent you from feeling any pain or discomfort.
  • The dentist uses a drill, air abrasion device, or laser to dig into the teeth and remove all of the infected parts. Once all the infection has been removed, the dentist will clean it and remove all the bacteria and debris.
  • If the decay has spread close to the roots, the dentist has to place a glass ionomer to prevent the composite from reaching the nerves.
  • The composite resin is applied to the cavity in layers and hardened using a special light.
  • Finally, the dentist shaves off extra material and polishes the filling so it looks indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth.

Types of Fillings

While composite resin makes for some of the best fillings, there are a number of different types of fillings available as well.

  • Cast Gold Fillings

    These are extremely strong and durable fillings but they’re expensive and they stand out very clearly and don’t look natural at all.

  • Silver Amalgam Fillings

    These are inexpensive fillings and they’re durable but they’re extremely visible and some people also have allergic reactions to silver or the mercury in the amalgam. It also gets discolored over time and becomes black so it’s not highly recommended.

  • Porcelain Fillings

    These are tooth-colored and durable fillings but they’re expensive and they can be abrasive.

Composite Fillings Q&A

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If you have a cavity between your molars, the dentist will run an x-ray to determine how far the infection has spread. Based on that, the dentist will numb the affected region of your mouth and remove the decay before filling the cavity.

You get composite fillings because they have the following advantages:

  • Composite fillings are tooth-colored and they resemble enamel in color and texture, which makes them indistinguishable from actual teeth.
  • Composite resin has the ability to chemically bond to your teeth, which makes them extremely durable and strong.
  • Composite fillings can be used to heat cracks and fractures just as well as cavities.
  • In some cases, the dentist has to remove large parts of your teeth to accommodate the filling. However, with composite fillings, the dentist only has to remove the infection and nothing more, making it a conservative and minimally-invasive treatment.

The cost of composite fillings depends on the location of the filling and the amount of filling used. However, the cost of filling a single cavity ranges from $90 to $250. The larger the cavity, the more expensive the procedure, which is why you should get your cavity filled as soon as possible.

Maintaining composite fillings is the same as observing regular oral health:

  • Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss between meals.
  • Rinse your mouth with a fluoride-based antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Go for all your dental deep cleaning appointments.

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If you live in or around Katy, TX, then Nottingham Dental is one of the best cosmetic dentistry clinic for you. We have expert board-certified dentists who examine your teeth carefully and use some of the best high-quality composite resin to fill your cavities or fractures. For more information, please schedule your composite filling appointment today.